Video surveillance

Video surveillance systems are installed in objects where it is necessary to obtain visual information on events in objects to be protected. To meet the clients’ requirements for quality and reliability of a fixed image SAUGAs experts can offer equipment of different complexity made by different producers, design an optimum surveillance project and regularly test the system after its installation.

With a wide range of cameras, monitors, digital video recording or transmitting equipment, matrixes and other parts of the system we can install video surveillance systems not only in small offices or gas-stations but also in large shopping centres, industrial buildings and objects that require high level security.  The properties of video cameras are highly modern, as the producers – our partners – have lately made a lot of investments in development of surveillance equipment, improvement of video quality and programs for the management of video surveillance systems. Development of specially designed software plays the major role in constant increase of the applied properties of the cameras.  ‘Smart’ software helps the system to ‘memorize’ the objects marked by a particular person (officer or security guard) on the screen and determine their trajectory automatically.

Partners: Videor, Eneo, Samsung, Computar, Dallmeier, Pelco